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Friday, October 19, 2012

I'm Back

I'm back with new mods for all my friends.I've done my best to come back soon and i hope that i can continue to gta iv modding so in the coming months.
I did not forget your requests,these mods are a small sample of my new mods.


  1. Thank amir!! I love your mods that you really liked again
    amir have to tell you that I learned to convert to ped player!!

  2. I would love it if you put up the download!!

    I loved this spider man!!!
    and this zombie!!!

    do not worry if you put a woman there that I convert PED is for Niko!!

    amir adore you! vc very good

    and how nice that you came back I was very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully that has FACEBOOK

  3. wuauuu,thantastic,but you make too the big ogre of resident evil o lord of the ring?
    posdate:can make sasuke of naruto for playerped?,is only in ped,and some magic(not make big damage).

  4. Welcome back my friend! I feared that you would not return. But you returned in a Big Big Style! These mods looks amazing!!!

  5. Welcome back Amir! these are fantastic.

  6. @biel do bela,thanks my bro.can you upload your converted models for our friends?

    @oscar san,thanks my bro,ok my bro

    @BourneC,thanks my bro.

    @snipeingkicker,thanks my bro.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. yes I can upload my converted models

  9. I have 4 converted amir I'm working with his WWE character

    that are mine that I converted to player

    Carl Johnson
    God Of War Kratos
    From Shaundi SR3
    RE5 Sheva

  10. Hurray! I love you Amir! (No homo)
    I hope you didn't forget about my request, but if you can't make it, It's okay.

  11. Where Amir upload my skins converted there in your blogspot

  12. GOOD to Back!!! bro!!!
    and long time no see! U know i always waiting jason statham no hat and head for niko[Update] and 007 blood stone mod!

  13. @biel do bela,ok my bro.

    @Andrew Derdzinski,no my bro.

    @EziodDAvinci,ok my bro.

  14. hey can you make mybe from dead rising 2 Katie as player model

  15. hey amir can u make a model of Pauly D from NBA 2K13 for GTA and possibly allow his model to be GTA clothes friendly

  16. Hello.. This might seem too complex to do, but can you make a model of Johnny 5 from the film Short Circuit ?!!

    If you're unfamiliar with what it looks like you can see from this link!

    Thank you either way mate :-)

  17. Hi

    It would be really cool if you could make a player version of Kokoro :)

  18. how can i install this skin ?
    i've read the Readme in the file,
    no info.
    i also looked all over this site. no info either :(
    Please help