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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Assassin's Creed Pack

1-Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Ezio legionary

This mod was requested by some friends.

                                                             Download(Instead Of Niko)


  1. Awesome mod as always amir :D i understand you i am Iranian too and i know that Iran is in demonstration.. let's hope that Iran gets freed this time my friend and i hope you can finish the Mafia 2 pack thank you very much for everything =).

  2. It's a pity that you won't have time to finish Max Payne 3 Pak(( Well, that Tommy Angelo do have time... Thank you so much for your skins, they are great!)

  3. It sucks that this blog won't stay. :[
    Will you be able to finish my Simon request?

  4. Im gutted,I love this blog,and Ive found myself checking my email just to see what youve done!!Please Please do Pierce Brosnan (BOND)in a black suit if you get the chance Amir.Please support this blog everyone,(im downloading right now!!)

  5. @amir ghoreyshi.Hei bro i'm sorry about your problem,but don't forget something.You make the best Player models/Peds ever,and nobody can ever beat your mods.Anyway i have my FINAL REQUEST,please make MONA SAX from Max Payne 3,now is posible with new version of Open IV 1.2 you know,replace a Max Payne ex.Bodiguard Max with Mona Sax head,lowr,heands.feet,uppr....,this is my final wish from you,please.Thank you verry much for all your mods!

  6. tony montana scarface

    with black suit please!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Let me see if i get it,you will not release mods anymore?
    If yes,i will miss you very,very much!

  8. Hey man, this is sad. Anyway, thank you so much for everything. Your job is amazing, and your dedication to. I will pray for the situation of your country get better. I hope you can return soon. Grande abraço.

  9. thanks !
    amir...for everting you make for us!
    thanks my friend!
    thanks my real brother!!

  10. I'm sorry to hear that. But U are Lucky Man!! I you want to be okay.
    And i found similar head of Jason Statham head. it's this[] this is jedijosh920/wapedell's Mod. without hair, it's Will be 100% similar to Jason statham. if you can fix that mod. Please Fix it for us.

  11. I sad to hear that my brother but you are the best mod maker for all times! God bless you and god will save you. Thank you very much for all your wonderfull players models

    I hope we can do some thing for help You... :(

  12. Im so sorry to see you go amir. I check this blog everyday atleast 15 times a day. I will miss the excitement of seeing all the awesome mods you make. Stay safe friend and i hope someday you will return to us.

  13. @amir ghoreyshi.I have a idea.Way you don't make something like "OPEN IV" with a title like"I want you to supor"to collect some money from those who want to continue your work in moding GTA IV.Preferate sms donation.If you make also a possibility with sms donation,i will be the firt how suport you with a donation.Just think about it.Thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!If someone agrees with what I wrote,suport Amir Ghoreyshi.Apreciate!

    1. Nice idea man! 100% with you!

    2. nice...I with it yours too brothers!!!

    3. Im in too. This has become like a hobby for me just to check for your new mods. I will support you Amir.

  14. It's shocking to read that you will stop doing mods. You are truly the best at Player and Peds mods. The GTA community will miss you!

    Do you know any website or forum where I could find a TUTORIAL on how to make peds, just like you. You probably learned somewhere? I'd like to try to make my own peds, even more if you stop doing mods I'll have to do them myself ;)

    Please tell me where I can find a good tutorial on peds mods.

    Thanks and good luck!

  15. amir bro:
    you have new e-mail?

    if yes please bro,contact me in my mail...

    i neet talk to you...

  16. @Kasra,thanks my bro,I'm not leaving gta iv modding unless i release all requests.

    @Никита Батурин,thanks my bro,i try to finish max payne 3 pack.

    @Andrew Derdzinski,i try to make your request very soon.

    @Solomon Jay,thanks my bro.

    @HOUSE.MD,thanks my bro.i installed open iv 1.2 but you can't export wdr file or edit textures.

    @biel do bela,ok my bro.

    @Glegar Sukma Jati,i glad you like it.

    @IANVITOR100,Unfortunately, my country is in fall.

    @BourneC,thanks my bro.

    @jorge Hunter,thanks my bro,thanks for you support.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro.i think you can continue my way.

    @Jorge.thanks my bro,i glad you like my blog.

    @HOUSE.MD,Paypal has boycott Iran but my aunt has a bank account in problem is i'm not familiar with this work.
    Maybe someone can help me.

    @Rooster,thanks my bro.i learned from here

    @jorge Hunter,my bro not work now,send your email to

    1. @amir ghoreyshi.O.K.Tell us the acont so we can sand you some money to continue your work in GTA IV moding,and please DIN'T GIVE UP and make a tutorial of how to ripp Max Payne 3 models,and how you converted them for GTA IV.Thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  17. Best mod/skin ever I hope you continue this great work you do for all of us! :) :(