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Friday, May 9, 2014

Trevor Cutscenes Problem Fixed

Finally,I fixed cutscenes glitch...

Download new version of this mod and replace Playerped.rpf and "Clothes Combination files"folder again.
**The download link is in the previous post**

Some users asked me about game crashes.
If you got crash during loading you can use these methods for fix

Make a backup from your save game and Create new save game.


First,open my uploaded playerped.rpf with openiv then extract all files to a folder.
Open your original playerped.rpf then import all files.You'll probably see something is not right like weird suit or pants ...

There is not problem,Just use Clothes Combination script and choose the model that you want.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GTA V Trevor-All clothing,Outfits v2

First of all I would like to thank my good friend JulioNIB,Who really helped me alot.
He made a great script that was very useful for this mod.
So if you want to enjoy my mod,First download his latest script from here:

A special thanks to Emad-tvk for GTA V Police Bike.

Thanks to nikita488,michael-de-santa(gtafroums ),MrGameboy20XX,luxox18...


When I starting my work on this mod I never thought to finish it.I had not played GTA V and there were alot of files.
It was hard to realize that which clothes were compatible with which pants,shoes and There was other problems like making high quality bump maps and specular maps for each model.
Anyway,I was working on this mod for few months,So be sure that I did my best.

This is one of the biggest mod I ever made.

This pack include:

1-Playerped.rpf :this file include 168 models and 601 textures,All these files converted from GTA V without any change.

I converted 99% of files from GTA V player_two.rpf file and some models from props.

*27 Feet files+97 textures=Shoes and some accessories
*14 hair files+37 textures= Some accessories and Cap
*6 hand files+6 texutres= hands
*head_000_r:First head model that has real full facial animation.
Unfortunately,here are some bugs that makes the face seem not so smooth from very close view,This problem related to GTA IV Modding tools and I can not doing anything to fix that.
But model works really great in normal views and cutscenes,Every part of his face has emotions..

*head_000_r:This head is very like my older mods,Not full facial animation but his face is smoother than the first version.

*27 lowr files+99 textures=Pants,shorts,...
*35 sus2 files+35 textures=Hair,Caps,Scarf,Masks...
*9 suse files+9 textures=Beards and mustaches..
*15 teef fies+76 textures=Glasses,SunGlasses,..
*32 uppr files+230 textures=Suits,Shirts,Clothes....

***Installing:Replace this file in grand theft auto iv/pc/models/cdimages/...***

2-clothes combination folder :this folder include 233 different custom models that I created them to show that how much models you can make with this mod.

These are only a sample,You can create alot of different models,Also you can edit my added models.
Remember you need download colthes combination script to use these mods.

Installing:Copy this folder in your script folder

                                You can see all models in here


3-Anims folder :This folder include new walk,run and some new idle animations for your trevor models.

You should know this is my first mod with real full facial animation,so i fixed some facial anims.
I recommend to copy these files.
I couldn't do much editing on anims because There was a bug in new version of OFIO script and I hope Alexander will fix this problem in next version.

Installing:Run openiv or spark,open aim.img from grand theft auto iv/pc/anims/. then replace these files.

                                    Download Now(V2)


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