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Monday, October 29, 2012

battlefield 3 AEK-971

I hope you like it.

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  1. @ Amir

    skin wonderful ..... thanks amir!!!

    you're working with eminem?

    if you have finished

    upload to your blog here ..... TOMORROW ........ Please!!

    I'll be well pleased

  2. OMG you did rigg originals BF3 model. I no words to say thanks you Amir...

  3. Great work on battlefield 3 models.
    Biel do bela stupid son of a whore every day you are requesting something, you think what Amir is a robot or a machine.
    Amir is a human not a robot nor a machine so have some respect.
    humans need to eat, sleep, have fun, not just do everything you want.

  4. Great ac.amir! 1000000000000
    Can I help you to make a variety of textures?
    because it's still default clothes

    1. beautifull,can make some house tipe naruto?
      posdate: i,remenber make the big ogre of resident evil o lord of the rin,and if you can make the ped of pain(naruto),a playerped,thank for your post.

  5. @ Homyans ----- sorry. I had stopped to ask .... now better than before.
    Now I have to thanking the amir. and I was wondering if he was working with model eminem .... I saw IANVITOR100 Asking ... and now I'm just wondering if he already understands

    I promise I'll stop asking!!!
    and my mom is not a prostitute, I swore not his

    @ Oscar san ------- I also wanted naruto in playerped.img

  6. Biel do bela sorry that i sweared i was angry. so i am so sorry will you apologize me?
    we are friends now ok?

  7. hi guys i am the Biel Do Bela

    I made another account on youtube

  8. hi amir! sorry my English. I'm from Argentina. you are the best!. can create the skin of Jean Claude Van Damme?. the young skin because this old in the last movie lol. the skin of Street Fighter.

    1. @ Elijah Williamson ----- So it will create!! why not have the street fighter jean claude


      good luck

      (Sorry for my english)

    2. @ Gabriel Augusto ---- ok thanks! .. Greetings from Argentina!.

      (excuse my English)

    3. elias, train no problem I understand that you wanted to say

      one day amir did jason Stathan of the expendables 2 that neither had the game
      then he created

      then he can create the Van Damme Street Fighter

    4. cool! jason stathan very good. I wish I could do a jean claude van dame!

  9. WONDERFULL, Excellent work! Thanks a lot for you my bro :D

  10. julio orellana,ok my bro.

    @biel do bela,yeah i'm working on eminem.

    @snipeingkicker,thanks my bro.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro.

    @Homyans,thanks my bro.

    @Metalwars,thanks my bro.yeah you can help me.

    @oscar san,ok my bro.

    @Elias Williamson,i try to find a 3d model.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro.

    1. thanks amir. I hope you find it. you are the best. thanks again

      Greetings from Argentina!!


      do not know if this serves 3d models