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Monday, October 22, 2012

Left 4 Dead Boomer

It was very hard to convert this model because size of model is too large and gtaiv bone do not support non-standard models.
Anyway, I've done it but i'm sorry if you find any bugs.

this model replaced instead of bian and i recommend replace wad file from "walk style"folder.
use openiv or spark then open anim.img and replace wad file.

                                                              Download(Instead Of Ped)


  1. Please do L4D 1 & 2 survivors! You're awesome!

  2. I can convert if someone wants to niko?

    @amir ghoreyshi----you is over, I loved it!!!

  3. amir you will continue to do max payne 3 models?

    Good Luck

  4. hello I like your models! model can make thousands of desmond ACII and revelations? please! and

  5. good job my bro!
    amazing work!!
    please my brother,never stop....

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  7. @ Jeorge Hunter, I think with you it does a great job with these models ...

    @ Daniel Craig, I could convert m_y_guido, is because I can not put download my blog's template converted amir!

    @ Jorge hunter, sorry for the day I had you cursed ...
    @ Amir, and this amazing skin. thank you. amir and also I can upload my models converted to your blog

    @ To all, hi guys I learned to convert pedestrians to replace niko. if you want me to convert a pedestrian niko just ask.

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  9. Oh nooo! The Fat zoom-b is exploding now, aaaahhhhhhhgggg! + _ + Lol
    Really good work Amir, my brother, I can feel the fear: D

  10. beutifull,this skin for mod of resident evil in gta 4 are perfect,only need the big ogre(bigggg),of resident evil,and a dude:can make the bomer send some toxic acid?,this is more dificul,but can make?(pardon for my englis)
    posdate:i remenber if you can make in playerped,sasuke and uchija of naruto for gta 4 and skyrim(skyrim need more house and skin of naruto),fantastic your workd.

  11. @ToNyGaMeR3,ok my bro.

    @biel do bela,thanks my bro.i'm working on max payne 3 cops.

    @Luis Fernando ZeroFer,i will release other models from ac pack very soon.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro,i glad you like it.

    @oscar san,thanks my bro,ok.

  12. Looks really great friend !
    I just have one qustion...will there be a version of this for niko?
    Or even better a smoker for niko?
    That would be really really great ! :D

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