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Friday, September 5, 2014

Watch dogs-Aiden Pearce*Updated*

Watch dogs-Aiden Pearce by JulioNIB,Rarefacer and Me.

Remembering Fernando Agapito jr
a.k.a Yeardley Diamond   :(

A big thanks to Rarefacer,who sent me Aiden's texutres with shaders and didn't release his mod because of my mod.Thank you alot my friend and I hope you get better.

Special thanks to Julio,He is always by my side, like a brother

I wish the best for you,man.

Another thanks to Emad for his great work on Watch dogs cars....My screenshots are from his car....

This is first gta iv mod that I added new bones to selektion and I created movement physics for Aiden's coat...

Remember Before using this mod,download Watch dogs script by JulioNIB from here:

Emad-tvk released his great Watch dogs cars...
You can download from here:

This pack inlcude:

1-Aiden model instead of niko(Replace all files from "Player" folder in your playerped.rpf)

2-Four new anims.(Replace all files from "Anims" folder in your anim.img)

Important:If you want use this mod without script change move_m@casual_c
or move_m@casual to move_player.(Not recommend)

move_m@casual_c:Low wind physics for coat
move_m@casual: Hind wind physics for coat

3-Nine different versions of Aiden for Clothes Combination(Cut "Clothes Combination files" folder in your "scripts" folder.)

Known Bugs:

1-Model is not showing in video editor.
2-Cutscene bugs

3-Some teleporting problems...

For High wind physics on coat change weather to Rainy....


                                       Download Now

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We will not forget you,Yeardley Diamond.

Today i heard a bad news that made me very upset,Fernando Agapito jr who know him as Yeardley Diamond is dead.

I 've worked with him and I made ​​several mods for his videos.
It is a big sadness for me and gta iv modding Community,He was a great man,good friend,Professional animator and  Filmmaker.

No one can take his place,No one can be better than him.

I am here to say that we must keep his name,his videos and his works in our memory.

God bless him and I tell my condolences to his family.