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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thursday, February 2, 2017

New address of blog(

Hey guys a few days ago i changed my blog address from to

So my old posts will not work anymore,

I'm not familar with this problem and still could not find any way for fixing this problem.

Please share my new blog address with your friends and if you know any way for fixing this problem,Please send a comment in hrere.

Thanks everyone,

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sudden Attack 2-female Mod

Sudden Attack 2-female Mod by ac.amir

I think GTA V missed sexy girls models so much,There is some good models but not so much,So i converted these two great models for this game.


                                                         Download Now

ac.amir is back with new GTA V Mods

Hey guys,

Good news is I'm back with new mods for GTA V after a year away from Modding :)

New great mods will come with better quality than GTA IV,So you can follow my mods on here and forum.

My plan for GTA V Modding  is making Mods from new  characters from new games,famous character from old games and my old mods on GTA IV and Important of all Making mods from your requests.

So post you requested mods in here and

Remember to support my job with donation and click on ads.

Victoria Kanayeva Mod by ac.amir

Special thanks to 3Doomer for his great script
Another thanks to Good-NTS and openiv team and my good friend indirivacua.

                                                Download now