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Friday, September 5, 2014

Watch dogs-Aiden Pearce*Updated*

Watch dogs-Aiden Pearce by JulioNIB,Rarefacer and Me.

Remembering Fernando Agapito jr
a.k.a Yeardley Diamond   :(

A big thanks to Rarefacer,who sent me Aiden's texutres with shaders and didn't release his mod because of my mod.Thank you alot my friend and I hope you get better.

Special thanks to Julio,He is always by my side, like a brother

I wish the best for you,man.

Another thanks to Emad for his great work on Watch dogs cars....My screenshots are from his car....

This is first gta iv mod that I added new bones to selektion and I created movement physics for Aiden's coat...

Remember Before using this mod,download Watch dogs script by JulioNIB from here:

Emad-tvk released his great Watch dogs cars...
You can download from here:

This pack inlcude:

1-Aiden model instead of niko(Replace all files from "Player" folder in your playerped.rpf)

2-Four new anims.(Replace all files from "Anims" folder in your anim.img)

Important:If you want use this mod without script change move_m@casual_c
or move_m@casual to move_player.(Not recommend)

move_m@casual_c:Low wind physics for coat
move_m@casual: Hind wind physics for coat

3-Nine different versions of Aiden for Clothes Combination(Cut "Clothes Combination files" folder in your "scripts" folder.)

Known Bugs:

1-Model is not showing in video editor.
2-Cutscene bugs

3-Some teleporting problems...

For High wind physics on coat change weather to Rainy....


                                       Download Now

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We will not forget you,Yeardley Diamond.

Today i heard a bad news that made me very upset,Fernando Agapito jr who know him as Yeardley Diamond is dead.

I 've worked with him and I made ​​several mods for his videos.
It is a big sadness for me and gta iv modding Community,He was a great man,good friend,Professional animator and  Filmmaker.

No one can take his place,No one can be better than him.

I am here to say that we must keep his name,his videos and his works in our memory.

God bless him and I tell my condolences to his family.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tutorial-How to convert player to ped without 3ds max

I think it's nearly 2 years that I wanted to release this tutorial but i couldn't.

Now everyone can easily convert player models to peds without any tools,skills or other things.

You don't need 3d max or other tools for converting and this method is so easy if you learn it,You can convert players to ped less than two minutes.

Another benefit are that this method does not cause any smoothing errors,cleft on 3ds models like 3d max method.Also,you can change materials,bump map or normal map names,powers and everything you want.

I will add tutorial for converting ped to player later...


Friday, August 22, 2014

My Graphic Mod

Hey guy,I'm working on watch dogs mod but for now alot of people asked me about my graphic mod,So i want share this mod with others...

That mod i am currently using is something between LibertyENB and my old icenhancer 1.25 with some changes.(only tested on version)

I think this is one of the best enb mods for GTA IV especially for characters.

All screenshots have been taken from gameplay,not video editor and quality in game is much better than these pictures.

If you like this mod you can download it and wait for my watch dogs mod.


                                                            Download Now

Friday, July 11, 2014

Spider-man Characters pack*updated*

JulioNIB is working on a nice script for spiderman,So I released this pack for his script.

Download Script:

This pack include:
*Amazing Spider-man
*Amazing Spider-man v2(Injured version)
*Black Spider-man
*Black Spider-man v2(Injured version)
*Spider-man 2(2004 Film)
Spider-man 2 v2(Injured version)

                                Download Now
                      Download Low quality version

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rambo: The Video Game character Pack

GTA IV MOD:Rambo: The Video Game character Pack

This pack include:

1-Rambo:This folder include all rambo models.
2-M60E4:This folder include M60 weapon,Aiming anim,weapon script line.
M60E4 by butterhole
3-Clothes Combination files:I added six custom models for Rambo in this folder.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Trevor Cutscenes Problem Fixed

Finally,I fixed cutscenes glitch...

Download new version of this mod and replace Playerped.rpf and "Clothes Combination files"folder again.
**The download link is in the previous post**

Some users asked me about game crashes.
If you got crash during loading you can use these methods for fix

Make a backup from your save game and Create new save game.


First,open my uploaded playerped.rpf with openiv then extract all files to a folder.
Open your original playerped.rpf then import all files.You'll probably see something is not right like weird suit or pants ...

There is not problem,Just use Clothes Combination script and choose the model that you want.