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Friday, August 24, 2012

Max Payne 3 Pack V 2

i will release each max model in every day.

2-Police Max

if you want play max with injured face, you must use all face textures from my max payne 3 v1(max v2 folder).
use openiv or spark and replace head_diff_000_a_whi.wtd from max v2 folder(v1 or v2 or v3 ....) in playerped.rpf



  1. Wow, wonderful. This really does look awesome.

  2. @jorge Hunter,thanks l glad you like it.

    @TheThinker,thanks my friend.

  3. this blog was the best thing you did ...
    I go here all the time to see what's new ...]
    goodbye GTA4Mods!

  4. Ac.amir my friend can you convert this car to GTA IV?

  5. Thanks for new models for max payne! look awesome im visiting here everyday i loving here!

  6. @jorge Hunter,thanks my bro,thanks for your support.did you see mattias head?

    @GTA,man I've never done it but i have decided to do in the near future.thanks my friend.

  7. @amir bro,yes i see the head...I love it (and'm already using it)!!!
    thank you my brother!
    You can not close the hole in the mathias head?
    the size of the head was excellent!
    the only problem is the hole in the head!

  8. @jorge Hunter,sorry my bro i forgot it.ok i will send new heads again.

  9. ok my bro!!!
    thanks for doing this for you friend!

  10. @Ac.amir, All your mods are top quality brother!
    I was wondering if you'll be making any PED versions soon?
    If not that totally fine because my friends and i will just wait for the PED versions of the Russian Airborne models I sent you.
    Keep It up man. You have the best skill!

  11. Cool skin) Can you convert Vlad from multiplayer (models\streampeds\strm_mp_vlad_mp2h)??

  12. @jorge Hunter,thank you too.

    @Bob Doll,i will release ped versions of max payne 3 and other mods very soon.

    @Никита Батурин,i haven't access to max payne 3 multiplayer but maybe you can help me.send a email to

    1. All skins for multiplayer are in the folder "streampeds" (MaxPayne3 \ pc \ models \ cdimages \ streampeds). There is a classic character skins (Lem, Woden, Gognitti and others). Can you convert these characters in GTA 4? I think not only I want it)

  13. @Никита Батурин,i think openiv can not open or export max payne 3 models.i used 3d ripper.