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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Prototype 2 Pack

This mod was requested by some my friends.

I never liked James Heller

this pack include:

1-Alex mercer
2-James Heller


                                  Download(Instead Of Niko)




  1. i love it brother :) but one problem its have two big eyes on his head :( and u can make this character clothable i mean some missions wants smart suits :(

  2. and bro u can make a deadpool from "DEADPOOL THE GAME" :)

  3. @Adnan Can,i think this game not released yet maybe 31 december only for ps3 and xbox 360.

  4. Oh Thanks Dude One More Request :) U can Make Zombies From Prototype 1 or 2 ? But Ped i need backup :D

  5. Спер у меня модельки, хоть бы подписал автора рипа и Т-позы.

  6. @Adnan Can,ok my bro.

    @Вадим Сурдов,my friend i can not understand nothing?

  7. can u make Prototype 2 weapon pack its much more better than one
    even if u cant get it glowing like in the real game just put its definition like u did in alex mercer's prototype 1's mod
    wish u make it :)

  8. link mediafire off arruma ae ac.amir por favor quero jogar com o mercer