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Friday, August 31, 2012

Max payne 3 Cops&Terrorists Pack

I hope you like this mod.

3-Terrorist v 3

                                                                                                                                                                   Download(Instead Of Niko)



  1. Great job|~!!! bro~
    It's simple but Great!!
    And what will u upload Another mod??
    I can't WAIT!!!!

  2. @jorge Hunter,thanks my bro.

    @MARvEL,thanks my bro.this model was requested by some my friends.

    @Kasra,thanks my bro.

  3. @amir ghoreyshi.Good news,i find wher is Mona Sax ped in Max Payne 3 game directory,if is useful you can fin it heare: Max Payne 3\pc\models\cdimages\streampeds.I hope now you can you can converted for gta iv.Thanks.

  4. @HOUSE.MD,there is not way to extra 3d models from streampeds because openiv can not open 3d models.i can use 3d ripper for max payne 3 models.

  5. I love your blog ac.amir :D


  6. @Ac.amir, thank you so much for doing this for us. i can't wait until the Russian Airbrone models get done. After I get those i don't think I'll beg to much from you lol. But I will most definitley keep supporting you brother!

  7. @Metalwars,thanks my bro,i glad you love this blog.

    @Bob Doll,thanks,don't worry i'm working on russian airborne.

  8. @Hey amir, I love your work, these are some of the best models i've seen for GTA 4. I have a request, can you please convert this model (Max Payne Terrorist V3) to a PED model so I can spawn him as a bodyguard with the trainer.