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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Max Payne 3 Pack V 2

5-Wilson Da Silva

this is my last model of Max payne 3 Pack v2.Don't worry i'm working on  new Max payne 3 pack v 3 and terrorists pack.
I hop you like this pack.

                                                                            Download(Instead Of Niko)



  1. yes!!!!!!!!
    greaattt Job my friend!!!!!!!
    and cops? you ill make for us??
    thanks my brother!!!
    you make a great job in this blog!!!

  2. Thank you very much for your work!
    Max Payne 3, a very interesting game with lots of great characters! How many skins you still want to do?

  3. Nice job with this one, I don't really think he's the coolest character in Max Payne though :P If you're going to rig more players, you should rig Passos and his other outfits in the game (like Hoboken or helicopter Passos). Anyways, good job with this one.

  4. Amir can you do me a big favor? i have a pack with Mafia 2 peds and guns, can you convert them to GTA IV? if you want to do that please tell me what your email is so i can send it to you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. WoW!!! Great~ Maybe it could be PED, more BETTER
    Would you do me a favor???... I Want to Play Expendables 2 Pack for NIKO and PED..
    PLEASE~~~~ that movie is really Popular... so Make Expendables 2 Pack For us.

  6. You are the factory of the bests players models! LOL thanks you! Good bless you... =)

  7. @jorge Hunter,thanks my bro.i will release cops and terrorists pack very soon.

    @Женя Климов,thanks my friend.i will all max models and other models.

    @TheThinker,thanks,i will release passos in max payne pack v 3

    @Kasra,send your files to my email.

    @MARvEL,thanks i will add ped version for all new mods.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro.i need a gta iv modder for max payne 3 weapons?i no have time for convert to gta,ybe you can help me.

  8. Amir my friend, just to let you know i have sent you the files :).

  9. Core.max2010 and ac.amir....
    excellent partnership....

    @Amir my bro,thanks!!

  10. @Ac.Amir, excellent work once again brother! I have a question about the Russian Airborne models I sent you. Are they good enough for you? Like I know you use 3ds max and I put those in 3ds format so I'm assuming they're good enough right?

  11. tony montana and makes the clothes

  12. Excelent work man! ı'm waiting terrorist pack. it will be nice!

  13. Will you be doing Max's bodyguard suit? Here's a picture of it:

  14. @KasraAugust ,thanks my friend.

    @jorge Hunter,thanks again.

    @biel do bela,i try to find this model because i can't use 3d ripper on multiplayer

    @Ozan Gürdal,thanks my bro.It is very hard to use capture on the terrorists are moving, i have repeatedly tried but don't worry my friend i will make this pack for you.

    !TheThinker,yeah,i will make all max models.

    1. @amir ghoreyshi, thanks you su much bro. i'm sory i did'nt now this to very hard. when you release this pack i will make video the best i can do.

  15. @Bob Doll,thanks my friend.I still did not see the files but i try to make your request very soon.

    @Ozan Gürdal,no problem bro.

  16. @amir ghoreyshi:Yes, of course. will be cool to make the Max Payne weapons for you my brother, I will do my best work. Just send to me the source models or tell me how to get the models (at