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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Modern Warfare 2 Russian Airborne Pack

I will release other versions very soon.


I added three versions of this model and i hop you like it.

                                                                                             Download(Instead Of Niko)


  1. @biel do bela,thank my friend.

    maybe some versions is not exist in mw2 because I'm not familiar with Russian Airborne in game.

  2. jorge Hunter,thanks i glad you like it.

  3. YES! Thank you so much Ac.amir! I owe you one. There's also a gasmask and a sniper model in the pack i gsve you in case you ever want to port those.

  4. @Ac.amir, I going to email you some pictures of what the models should look like for when you port the rest ok? That way you have something to look at when you make the rest of them.

  5. @Bob Doll,thanks my friend,i'm waiting for your email.

  6. @Ac.amir, Ok brother I sent the photos to you. Thank you again!

  7. Oh Yeah! this is so great! Thanks you a lot my brother xD

  8. Hey guys, with which software do you extract de models to send to Amir?
    Does this software open any type of file? Because obviously, not every game has the same type of files.
    Thanks in advance !

    Amir: what about partnering with someone who makes vehicles? Except if you make some on your own...

  9. @Bob Doll,thanks my bro.

    @jorge Hunter,ok bro.

    @core.max2010,thanks i glad you like it.

    @Sean Tyler,you can use 3d ripper or extra models from some games with script or extractr tools.I am interested to partnering with other modders.

  10. I cant download it anymore???
    link is dead but, your mod is PERFECT!!!