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Friday, September 21, 2012

Max Payne 2 Vladimir Lem

This mod was requested by some friends.

**Jimmy Hopkins ped version added**
**New Arnold Schwarzenegger's head added**

                                                                                           Download(Instead Of Ped)


  1. Awesome mods my friend, i don't want to rush you but hows the progress with the Mafia 2 pack? sorry.

  2. Thank you,dearest of all my friends!) As always on top!)

  3. Terry Crews
    the expendables 2 The Game

  4. Nice work Amir . Can i make a request here . When your not busy can you try and convert Poison Ivy from Batman Arkham Asylum to GTA4 . Here is link to the model .
    No rush when and if you can do it . Thanks

  5. Great job man, like always! Can you make a ped of Alan Wake American Nightmare, please?

  6. good work!! bro~
    It's comport for badguy boss
    Can i request paul walker mod?
    use resident evil of chris's face. Chris's face is similar paul walker face. make hair like fast five of Brian and you can retouching his face and hair byphotoshop. PLEASE make it Please!!

  7. @Kasra,thanks my bro.i made some models but i want to release all in one pack.if you want i can release each model in every day.

    @Никита Батурин,thanks my bro i glad you like it.

    @biel do bela,ok my bro.

    @Adrian Alexander,ok my bro.

    @Ozan Gürdal,thanks my bro.

    @EziodDAvinci,i try to make this model for you.

    @BourneC,ok my bro.

    @Fabian Jensen,thanks my bro.


  8. good,but i like more skin of mortal kombat (raiden,subzero),and capcom(magneto,ciclope),and naruto some magic.please,make some of this when you can.

  9. @Fabian Jensen,ok my bro.

    @oscar san,thanks ok my friend.