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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dead Space 1&2 Pack

i will release other dead space 1 and 2 models very soon.

I recommend to change walk style

1-dead space 1 isaac

                                                                       Download(Instead Of Niko)


  1. You said you send my james earl cash from manhunt request for my email,i'm sorry but i can't find it!
    can you release it on this website or even send to my email again?
    Also: Release it as a Ped and as a Player.

  2. @Ac.amir, I have a question. How long exactly does it take you to make 1 player model? I'm just curious. Awsome job on Isaac by the way. I loved Dead Space 1.

  3. @ac.amir: Excellent Work! my brother!. I can feel the fear when I see this player model! Thanks you very much! fear faces = :o 8O 8D

  4. @ac.amir: Very nice Dead Space man... I hope I'm not annoying you, but can you make the advanced suit too? As Niko and maybe as ped. Great as always.. :)

  5. @IANVITOR100,thanks my bro,check your email.

    @Bob Doll,this related to which model but i will release one model in every day for my blog.

    @jorge Hunter,thanks my bro.

    @core.max2010,thanks my bro.

    @Galen Marek,thanks i will release most of dead space 1&2 models very soon.

  6. HEEEEEEYYYY,what walk style you use??,what is recommended walk style for this Dead Space

  7. @Sadakiyo,it's your choice but i used old c walk style for isaac