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Friday, January 4, 2013

GTA 4 MOD :Assassin's Creed III Pack

you can remove some accessories with simple native trainer

3-Connor Kenway

                                                                              Download Now


  1. @amir ghoreyshi.Connor in GTA IV, this is too f*king awesome,now i cam replace Packie with Haytham,Thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK,you doing grate!

  2. OMG! This is wonderful, amazing, awesome, fantastic, greath, thanks you soo much

    May I share an idea: Any chance to convert the Black Ops II Seal Helmet (without the face mask) to allow it to be used on Niko head (so it allow the helmet to be used for all your FR Players Models ) That woul be AMAZING. And/or the same work with the MW3 Sandman Helmet. Always Thanks you for ALL yours AWESOME Players Models

  3. Please make Tom Curise Skin!!! Please
    If u can't find 3D model. Find more similar with him or make just like Jason statham skin.
    This is my last request. Please Tom cruise for jackreacher. Please please i beg u

  4. Hi amir ghoreyshi , I'm Test11. Maybe u can know my project. ProjectRAGE. Our video editor -Him name is xLapter- uses ur character models for videos or some film projects. And he has some questions for u.
    1- Can u translate ur character(playerped) models to ped(componentpeds)?
    2-If u can't do this, how can he do?
    Greetings, Test11.

  5. @HOUSE.MD,thanks my bro.

    @Fernando Baldasso,thanks my bro.

    @anis hussain,iran

    @Вася Пупкин,thanks my bro.

    @core.max2010,ok my bro.

    @Gabriel Augusto,thanks my bro.

    @EziodDAvinci,i'm working on some models like tom curise,uncharted 3

    @IANVITOR100,thanks my bro.

    @xLapter,ok my bro,Which model you want to convert a ped?

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  7. @amir ghoreyshi, First of all, thank you very much.

    Can you convert your Mafia 2 models to ped? :)

    PED Names:
    Vito v1
    Vito v2 + Hat + No Hat
    Vito v3
    Vito v6 + Hat + No Hat
    Vito v7
    Vito v8 + Hat + No Hat
    Vito v9 + Hat + No Hat
    Vito v10
    Jimmy V2

  8. Thanks for the Connor model! Is there any way to open just the texture files without having to use GTA IV?

  9. you will be able to do (head, hand) please

    I'm a big fan of michael jackson


  10. Did you have skype,msn or any contact(ac.amir)?

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  12. Hey bro i'm changing the skin of the player first time so i don't know how to apply and keep it. Please help me dude.

  13. How do i remove the accesories? Now it's stuck on my other skin!

  14. Bu that I mean I have a feather coming out the back How do I get rid of it?

  15. Hello Amir!! Really like your work!! Keep up the good work!! :) And thank you, and did Connor

  16. How to change walkstyle? I'm new at this.

  17. Amir,I really love all of your great works. Thanks for all the mods/skins you make for us!

  18. Nice work...
    Can you please convert Ezio and Altair armor from AC III into GTA IV like the ones you did with conner?
    Please do this it would be a nice skin because I don't like the Ezio's armor which is out now you can make a better one!

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  20. hey how to setup this mod in GTA 4 file or documents any reply pls