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Friday, January 11, 2013

New Mods

I'm working on a lot of requests,please wait my friends.
Coming Soon 


  1. Very Good!

    I'm waiting for Johnny Gat (Saints Row The Third) plz

  2. Wow another awesome model!

    By the way,can I request for dead or alive 5 models?
    Here are some characters that would be nice.

    Kasumi (replace with niko , ped, and girlfriend)

    Costume 1 :

    Costume 2 :

    Costume 3 :

    Costume 4 :

    Ryu Hayabusa (replace niko)
    Costume 1 -

    Hitomi ( replace niko, ped, and girlfriend)
    Costume 1 -

    Costume 2 - The bikini model only

    I'll be waiting for doa5 models from you amir since you rig models skillfully especially the face rigging.

  3. Replies
    1. Wait! throughout skins he does (you always talk * What about Vic Vance? *)

  4. Hi, not to derail from this as much as I love Big Boss, but I have various armor models from other games if you'd be interested, all in OBJ format. This includes just about all of Mass Effect, HomeFront, Inversion, and I have the Resident Evil 5 Heavy Metal Chris model.

    I didn't know how to contact you directly.

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  6. Very good!
    I love your mods!
    Anyways,please,dont forget about my tommy vercetti request!
    i requested it agains because the one that you made it was strong!
    here is the model:
    Please,can you release it tomorrow?

    1. I'm also needing Tommy Vercetti!
      Please Amir (again makes Tommy Vercetti) the other is that you did (Strong)
      Tommy is not strong (he's skinny)

      Please (I beg)

      Converts this model for Tommy Vercetti HD Niko

      Do not Forget about Johnny Gat (plz)

  7. @amir ghoreyshi.You son of a ...wats the rest?No just joking,i will wait,however it take's until you relase this mod ,because is best BIG BOSS GTA IV mod i ever seen!
    Metal Gear is the only game series i become a fan whidowt playng on yet,because i dont have a console,yes i now,ther is a Metal gear sold 2 pc version,but is very cripy,anyway it wold be awesom if you can make this outfit to(from "Peace walker" to)
    PS*I wil create soon a "Ground Zeroes" and "Phantom Pain" 3d model ,and when is done i wil send you these models to your email.
    Thanks ,and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ,you doing grate!!!

  8. @Amir

    You have Skype, ICQ, MSN?

    If you have ICQ me from your email to me you add
    If you have Skype me from your email to me you add
    If you have MSN me from your email to me you add

  9. Replies
    1. @amir

      Plz make some muscle body model!! mod!!

  10. hey ac.amir, its me, falcont2t, i made a video of your terry crew skin, hope you like it!

  11. Can You Make a Batman Skin For EFLC?

  12. wow!!!great work!!!
    I wanna use TomCurisr skin for Jack Reacher :)
    please i just hope u make Drake looks like Tom

  13. Pleasee ,. fix for Leon resident evil 6 hair ??
    from back, hair looks like so bad,
    something glitch .,

    and please make ada wong from resident evil 6 :)
    btw i love your mods !
    all mods are awesome ...