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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tutorial-How to convert player to ped without 3ds max

I think it's nearly 2 years that I wanted to release this tutorial but i couldn't.

Now everyone can easily convert player models to peds without any tools,skills or other things.

You don't need 3d max or other tools for converting and this method is so easy if you learn it,You can convert players to ped less than two minutes.

Another benefit are that this method does not cause any smoothing errors,cleft on 3ds models like 3d max method.Also,you can change materials,bump map or normal map names,powers and everything you want.

I will add tutorial for converting ped to player later...



  1. Nice Tutorial Amir ☺. btw how to make ODD file?

  2. Woohooo!! Amir you did me BIG F-ing favor! Appreciate it , fam.
    That's awesome , great , epic . Very nice of you .

    Cant tell how grateful i am , imma try this right away..


  3. Omg!! You are genius !!! Next time make ped to playerped!! And thank you so much!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I still have problem turning Jason Brody skin to PED , i just cant do it , maybe some errors with images in oddr but please, can u do it for me and reupload the link ? Here is your topic

  5. is there any way to play as a ped withoud 3dmax because i would love too play as a police officer just withoud doing 3dmax stuff because i dont own it sadly :(

  6. nice tutorial. Thank you very much :)

  7. Sorry what's the problem on this file????

  8. yes I am excited about , I managed to make into a ped player

  9. I tried this with Ryan Reynolds (Nick Walker) but did not really work ... in OpenIV is perfect, but in the game the body part is transparent, only the head and hands appear. What is the problem?

  10. i follow all steps but when i try to load the model the game crashes, what do i do?

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