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Monday, August 5, 2013


In the past few years, I've made several hundreds of mods for gta iv without receiving any money.

Many times I wanted to quit my job But I stayed because i love this work and my friends.

 I'm asking you if you are interested in my mods,if you want play your favorite characters

in gta iv,if you have good memories of my past mods.
Now the time has come to support me.

I added a donation button on my blog for those who are willing to help.

amir ghoreyshi


  1. I enjoyed your mods! I've always been here! and never leave!

    amir, I'm telling the truth! believe me, I know I made many requests, but I'm sorry! Since 2012 I am here, I was about 9 years ... and now I'm 12, and I am very grateful! I do not have GTA 4, but try to find a computer that can run! And of course I can support you!

  2. I'll donate shortly mate! I just hope you find a way of making that Billy Handsome from COD blackops 2 DLC Mob of the dead request!

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  4. @amir ghoreyshi .Finally, you give us the "PayPal" option that i suggested you, hmmm, i don't remember when, but anyway, good job, and hopefully you will make some time for my Big Boss&The Boss request!

    Keep Up The Good Work, You Doing Great!

  5. Hye Amir , can you make Hitomi from DOA with some more sexy random clothes .
    Please !!

    About the donation , i'm very sorry because i'm just a 15 years old boy .

    If people can't help you , God can help you .

    You make great works from the beginning . Keep it up !

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  7. Amir i hope your blog be better and famous! It already famous... Anyway i request max payne 3 brazil stripper. Please. I want them

  8. hey can you make GTA V character

    about the donation , i'm very sorry because i'm 13 years ol

    may god bless you amir :)

  9. I'm sorry. I do not have a credit card. And i can not english very well.
    Instead, I will click your ad a little more. Hope it helps.

  10. Already give you 10 dollars,Amir! Keep the hard work up and going!

  11. Can you do more about Dead or Alive 5 ped skin ? I will continue to support you, perhaps even finance your future! !
    Come on !! I support you !! =]

    About Dead or Alive 5 skin :

  12. Amir... I want donate for u. But im jist highschool student and i don't deserve to donate... Coz im kid.. So.. I really wanna this modding become a Job. For.. rock star games. Im so sorry.

    I just wanna request...007 Legends... Daniel craig hair.. Can u make his hair like Skyfall james bond hair? Please.. Make.. I really need

  13. I will donate if you make ped to all your male skin


  14. @Gabriel Augusto,Thank you my bro.

    @Ädi Plädi,thank you my bro.i try to make this mod.

    @HOUSE.MD,thank you my bro,i'm working on your mod.

    @Muhd Ammar,thanks my bro,ok.

    @EziodDAvinci,thanks my bro,ok.can you send a screenshot from this model?

    @teuku ryan,we should wait until gta v release.

    @www,no problem,thank you my bro.

    @Nick,thank you a lot my bro.i hope you like my mods.

    @Chung Terry,i'm working on a lot of doa 5 models.

    @EziodDAvinci,i try to make this mod.

    @takeo masaki,my big problem is my time but i will try to convert some models to ped.

  15. I really would like to donate. But i'm still waiting for my Request first :D Over 5 Months now. I could give you all the models. Ripped from 3D Ripper DX. I don't know, if you can handle these kind of files.

  16. I'll Donate For Ayane From Dead Or Alive 5 :D

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