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Saturday, April 27, 2013

GTA 4 MODS:One Handgun Animation


I think this mod is great for making video.

How to use handgun mod?

1-Spawn a pistol ... there is a bug that will freeze the player.
2-press "T" to deactive mod than press "T" again.(do it fast like Double Press)
3-now handgun mod is actived.
4-You can use this mod as aiming with right click mouse and hold w+s+D+A keys.(for example you want kill a person in front of you,Try right click mouse and hold w key).

5-if you want off handgun mod During the game, do not press T,just press R key or Reload.

  • screenshot from gameplay

                                                                              Download Now


  1. u can make Ada wong residentEvil4 reddress Please
    install NIKO vesion < because i like female Skin>

  2. nice, can you try make bane from batman? please?(cartoon or movie version)

  3. Nice one... still a little strange (i use the arrows for movent...) anyway: Amir you still working on my request of Alfred and Alexia Ashford of RE Darkside Chronicles by peds??? i know you have a lot of request but is because i wait for this models in GTA4 a long.

    Link of the models:

    Make more models which can replace peds 'cause your mods are great but i cannot use all of them!!!!

  4. Hey, this looks great! Any chance you could convert the cops from Hitman: Absolution to GTA IV peds?

  5. hey guy okay? good as always another amazing mod! but time is what I'm trying but I can not put scriptmod, already looked tutorials and other not got! you could do a tutorial to teach how to put scriptmod? thanks for your attention please!

  6. YES Nice work Ac Amir. Been waiting for this mod for a while.

  7. سلام، Ac.Amir! می تواند رایان شما را از BloodRayne 2؟ لطفا!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3D مدل های رایان: را

  8. What's the technical stuff behind this? How do you do this? Can this be done without script?

    Again, thanks a lot for all of your amazing works.

  9. Hello Ac.amir , Thanks for the mods!

  10. Convert replica soldiers of F.E.A.R. 2 for ped or player model? please, replica soldiers are awesome characters and have an wonderful quality...

  11. ผมคนไทยครับ อยากได้ เอด้าหว่องครับ ไฟล์ นิโค คือแบบว่าจะทำภารกิจตั้งแต่แรกจนจบเกมส์
    u are professional

  12. Hey! Make Tony Stark from Ironman please :)

  13. Jake Muller pleaser:

  14. Nice animation... Ac.Amir please make jake muller, ada wong and sherry birkin instead ped?

    1. @Anonymous

      - you ask too much, you ask six skins in one day, wait ...
        seems that ac.amir is a machine to make Skins.
      Jake Muller
      ada wong
      sherry birkin
      soldiers of F.E.A.R. 2 is ped or player model
      the cops from Hitman: Absolution
      Alfred and Alexia Ashford of RE Darkside Chronicles
      You asked for it all? for the love of god.

    2. @Gabriel Augusto

      To let very clear: i am the "Anonymous" April 27, 2013 at 6:03 AM", of the third comment, my only request ever made in this blog is about the Alfred Ashford and Alexia (3 or four 4 weeks ago and keep asking about the same request). When you will post a comment you can choose between G Acount, Anonymous and bla, bla...... all people which not sync the G account will be indentify like "Anonymous" so this "Anonymous" is another person requesting another models for GTA IV, again my only request are Alfred and Alexia from REDC, just for explain, there's even a request (i think) made in arabic and it's not mine too, my request is the third comment, Okay?!

  15. hey can you make the 50 cent blood on the sand skin and poste please

  16. Please make Tom Cruise Mod Please... Please!! I want him... Please Make it FOr us!!

  17. Yaaay!! So awesome! :D But my mine is so laggy, niko was shaking his whole body. How to fix? And please make a dual wielding mod! You're AWESOME man!!

  18. Eeyy Amir you have to make better instructions for this! Because "just replace all files in anim.img" isnt enaugh for this. Please make an update to this mod with better instructions or just email me: Please im begging you!

  19. Yeah some more clear instructions would me nice...
    Do I go into the game's files and just dump the mod in there?
    Do I have to use the Spark tool?

  20. Can someone reupload this please?
    Thank you in advance, hopefully someone will! :D

  21. why have you still not fixed the link???? what tf man???? dont got it!!

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