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Friday, February 15, 2013

GTA 4 MOD :Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow

I hope you like it.

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  1. I liked it!

    very good

    Amir makes johnny gat (SAINTS ROW THE THIRD) please, please, please, please, please!

    Amir, you are only person I know who can do it * Skins *

    You're the best!

    The King of MODS

    Amir, please make johnny gat?

  2. @Gabriel Augusto,I tried to rip johnny gat from sr3 but ripper tools not work in my windows you have windows xp and 3d ripper?if you have windows xp I'm going to learn you how to rip johny from this game.

    1. I do not use Windown-XP
      Ok, so I Cancel this (request?

      Amir. I really liked your mod, Good Job

      Can I ask you something?

      You can do that with tony montana black suit?
      Please! and corrects errors in the scene (mission)
      What day can you release this mod that I asked? (tony montana black suit with that?)

      You have Skype> ME ADD... gabriel.augusto120
      You have Facebook>ME ADD...

  3. wow...amir!!!
    this is amazing!!
    you ill make more resident evil mods?
    jack krauser,cris in s.t.a.r.s outfit...
    hugs my brother!!

    and bro,teatch me how you convert gta san andreas for gta4 skins...

  4. Good ac.amir!
    And about my tommy vercetti remake request?
    i asked you about 1 billion times and you never answer!
    If you dont remember,i want you to remake tommy vercetti because the one that you make it was strong!

    1. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

  5. @ac.amir: Exellent work, so original, very interesting character congratulations bro ^^

  6. Great job on the skin it looks great
    Can u make a dead space 3 Isaac clarke please

  7. Amir please im waiting for More Daniel Craig models from 007 Legends.

  8. hey amir could you make archer and kestrel again but for niko i just got gta and have been downloading you skins like nonstop and if you dont ty anyways for all the awesome skin you make

  9. Amir... I just hope hurry to make Tom Curise mod. My friends are waiting long time to wait.
    Please i beg u

  10. Guys , request him by send mail . This is a really really nice one , high detailed(from what I see from the picture) :D. Nice job.

  11. @ac.amir: Hey amir bro, Plesase do not forget: when you have some time please fix the eye bug (some times the eyeballs go outside their sockets)because Black Ops Mason is one of your best charaters of all times. You can see the eyes bug screenshots (and more) here:


  12. i hope to help me

    i play medal of honor warfighter and i see this skin from the game

    this picture

    if you can Extract this skin from medal of honor warfighter to gta

    iv ped

    and thank you

  13. this is great ! , but can u do the max payne 3 version of mona sax ? I would be very grateful :)

  14. You are awesome! It even work's at cut scenes! No one did that!

    Thank you for your work!

  15. @Amir: OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!! WOOOOOOW! YAHOOOOO! THANKS YOU SOO MUCH!!! MY BROTHER for fix the Black Ops II Section (David Mason) eyes and back, as you know it is my new permanent character in GTA IV and EFLC. GOD PLEASE, BLESS AMIR! ^^

  16. can you make asuna and sinon asada form sowrd art online please?