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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hitman Absolution Pack

I will release some requests very soon.


                                                                          Download Now


  1. Very gooooooooood! goooood work

  2. Oh! that is FANTASTIC! well done my brother xD. If When you have some time please make Black Ops II Mason and Thanks You soo much for all your WONDERFUL players models

    xD =D :D

  3. Amir, you will not make Giovanna from MP3 (Favela & Club version)?

  4. Hi Amir, you are a LEGEND for making all these highly detailed skins. This is one is one of my personal favourites, but I do have a request to make it better. I was hoping that maybe you could style 47's suit to be a bit thinner (like the shape of the actual suits in-game GTA 4, and make it a little less shiny. Hopefully you can bring the Red Tie and the clip back if you can!) Thank you for your time and effort in these mods and I hope you can try to make the aforementioned suit if you like. :) I highly appreciate it.

  5. damn id love to see the popped collar suit in gta iv

  6. the download link is not working can you fix it